About Us

About Us

We are a boutique advisory finance platform that specialises in structured property finance. We develop long-term client relationships by providing clear, concise and commercial advice. Our point of difference is our expertise and experience in not only structuring property finance, but also investing in transactions as principal investors and developers. Further, our team has huge experience in banking and legal systems and running successful businesses in property and other markets. From us, you can expect a high-performance service from a friendly and approachable team.

Founded in 2010, Hallcroft Finance provides full-service lending and investment advisory to property investors and developers throughout the United Kingdom. There is a range of options available so this can be a complex market, which is why a specialist real estate debt advisory like us can help. Hallcroft’s debt advisory team has many years experience as well as long-established relationships with the leading providers of commercial lending, including banks, specialist lenders and PE funds and access to equity investment via private investors and investment funds.

From the success of delivering the most appropriate funding package for our clients, we established the Hallcroft Mezzanine Fund in 2013. Our funds lends and invests with SME developers and we have continued to grow through forming strategic partnerships with our client base.

Our Team

The team has grown and built years of experience working in commercial lending, investment and legal sectors. Our multiple directors have sat on credit committees of lenders, invested equity as developers and arranged some of the most complex real estate debt/equity transactions. This ability to understand the full cycle of a transaction makes Hallcroft the best boutique company to meet client’s needs and requirements.

Adrian Cormican

Adrian formed Hallcroft in 2010 with the aim of creating a brokerage founded on strong partnerships and joint ventures. These foundations are a key part of our growth strategy today.

Prior to Hallcroft, Adrian spent time on property finance with Clydesdale and DD2 Group, part of the Dawney Day group.

Adrian follows a particular football team in North London and enjoys nothing more than a session on personal development and learning.

Martyn Pollock

Martyn is a former lawyer, who has founded both retail and property businesses and has over 6 years of experience in funding property transactions.

Martyn helped establish a property development fund for a mid-market lender and has a focus on building relationships through communication and delivering results.

Martyn is a keen sports fan and loves nothing more than spending an afternoon with his dog in SW London.

Ian Stockdale

Ian has been active in property finance for over three decades and previously worked for National Australia Bank and Danske Bank in corporate and property lending.

Ian has a BA in Economic History from the University of Leeds and an MBA in Financial Services from Sheffield Hallam University.

Ian has a love for golf and enjoys regular trips to his second home in Milan.

Raymond Sykes

Raymond holds a number of directorship roles in the Property Development Financing sector. He is an active investor in residential property development and leads a small group of like-minded investors. Raymond brings over 40 years of experience as a seasoned banker with previous experience at Clysdedale bank and Butterfield private bank. He is a long-established member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland.

Throughout his career, Raymond has established long term contacts and relationships which he continues to grow and develop through active engagement.

Through The Prince’s Trust, Raymond is a mentor to young entrepreneurs and he is also a coach and mentor to a number of young and aspiring business executives.

Douglas Noble

Douglas is a lawyer by training and has spent most of his career in finance where he was responsible for creating and launching Bank of Scotland’s first-ever private banking operation.

Douglas is a highly experienced banker. He has been active in corporate banking, including property lending and start-ups and wealth management over three decades. This also included setting up and launching Adam & Company’s Aberdeen office, in addition to helping Barclays establish and consolidate their private banking and wealth business presence in Scotland. He has Chartered Banking Status and is Investment Qualified PCIAM.

Douglas is a keen sports fan and is a Director of a certain football club in Glasgow.