Collaboration is front and centre to our entire business operation, and something we promote and discuss on a daily basis – the power of the collective. Continually investing in our network, prioritising adding value to our peers and clients through our channels of communication, we are now able to see the success from collaborating with our professional partners.

How can this effect you? At the start of the year, we set about collaborating with other property professionals.  Whether that was with an agent, a lawyer, a surveyor, a broker we wanted them to put their trust in us and make an introduction and result in doing what we do best.  As a reminder that is to provide a funding solution for the needs of property developer and developers.

SUCCESS! In October we completed a deal that was a result of this drive to collaborate. The client was seeking development funding for an extension and full refurbishment of a stunning property in Notting Hill, London.

Following the introduction, the introducer was logged on our CRM, a tool we installed in early 2020 and has revolutionised our operations.  Upon completion of the deal, our CRM sent an automated reminder to the partners of Hallcroft, reminding us to get in touch with the introducer to ask for an invoice us for their part of the deal.  Having taken 408 days from onboarding the client, to completing the deal, we are delighted that our systems and processes are robust and sophisticated to track the proposal and remind us to remunerate our partner.

We haven’t stopped growing our compliment of partners and collaborators and are keen for more introductions and to continue to share fees.  This will help other businesses build another income streamline to strengthen their own respective offering.