It goes without saying that, at times, the property finance brokerage market gets a bad name. Scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find an intermediary taking an inflated fee on a deal where it wasn’t merited or a lazy broker pushing a client to a lender and not providing the necessary support. It saddens us greatly, but we’ve seen it all.

Why does this happen, I hear you ask? Well, doctors need medical degrees, lawyers require a law degree and accountants cannot practice without earning an ACCA. However, many brokers and intermediaries do not have to prove any qualifications to enter our market.

This is a problem and something which Hallcroft is attempting to redefine.

All three directors of Hallcroft have worked as a lender in a regulated environment and have benefited from fruitful relationships with broker partners. And this experience has given our team a ‘warts and all’ access to the best and worst practices in the broker market.

Our commitment to quality of service and delivery of product is absolute, and above all else, we have made a pledge to always act in good faith and by putting our best foot forward at all times. Having delivered a comprehensive business plan, our business and approach is built for the long haul, and that can only be achieved through good business practice and a solid code of conduct.