If you weren’t able to join us for our live webinars, you may be glad to know our Deal Clinic series is now available to replay on-demand on our webinar channel.

We’ve developed our webinar series into on-demand webinars. Unlike a regular webinar replay, you can interact in this on-demand webinar – take part in the polls, get involved in the Q&A or download our handout. Furthermore, you can watch back and interact with us at any time or place!

Some content of our webinars includes:

  • Contemporary Issues in Property Development – We share with you a complex deal they recently closed and how we were able to turn a challenge into a triumph.
  • The 9 Lives of a Property Development – Every development poses challenges, here we discuss considerations for planning a successful property development, factors to consider during the process of developing property and considerations for the execution of a successful property development whilst minimising risks.
  • How to Negotiate Development Funding – We show you how we successfully pitch and negotiate with development funders. Taking into consideration the importance of developing relationships, preparing a persuasive sales pitch, minimising risk, overcoming rejection and gaining influence.

Catch up here by visiting our webinar channel