Hallcroft director Adrian Cormican gets to the heart of why this newsletter landed in your inbox and gives an insight into what makes Hallcroft Advisory tick.

Why #1 – why now?

I may as well let you know, we planned to start sending these newsletters earlier this year.  However, as with so many things when running a business, it kept slipping down the list.

And then… lockdown. An enforced hard stop meant time for reflection for the Hallcroft team – as well as time to do the things we never quite got around to doing while running fast to deliver great service to our clients.

So here we are, with the first edition of our newsletter and my opportunity to tell you why.

Why #2 – why a newsletter?

Let’s just say we’re done with hiding our light under a bushel. We are so proud of the work we do, the deals we facilitate, the properties we’re involved with getting built.  We have known for some time we should be telling more people about them. (On that, if you want your project featured in a future newsletter, do let us know).

Plus, it’s always nice to get to know people a bit better.  So this gives us a chance to give you the inside track on Hallcroft and why we do what we do.

Why #3 – why Hallcroft?

What do you do when your whole career has been in banking, you’re about to be made redundant, and the UK is in the midst of a banking crisis? You start your own business securing finance for people of course!

It might sound like a crazy idea (and plenty of people said it was) but here we are, 10 years later with three directors and a healthy portfolio of clients.  Those three directors have a combined sixteen years at Hallcroft with too many years to mention in previous roles.  During those sixteen years we have played a valuable part in :

£600 million of property brought to the market

1101 homes for the UK

245 retirement homes

I always preferred collaboration to other styles of working, so that’s become a core value and the way we do business and that preference is shared by my co-directors Ian and Martyn. We work together with clients, funders and professionals in the property supply chain to create beautiful homes, apartments, offices, retirement villages – the whole spectrum of property, all over the UK.

In the early days, plenty of people questioned why we made things so hard for ourselves by starting a business. But I’ve never been more sure that the reason is to service our shared collaboration value by working with brilliant clients and partners.

We don’t want to be simply a supplier, a functional part of what’s necessary to get your project underway. We want to work with you to make it a roaring success, opening up our contacts book of professionals, and taking away the hassle of finding the right finance for your situation.

So that’s why – why now, why this, and why we created Hallcroft.