[Replay] Deal Clinic: The 9 Lives of a Property Development

The second webinar in our series went live yesterday and we had an encouraging audience that turned up to learn of the challenges in property development. In this session, we discussed a project that encountered many challenges, yet was still able to provide homes for multiple families by overcoming those challenges.  If you missed the…

May 13, 2021
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The Recovery Loan Scheme – What you need to know

The Recovery Loan Scheme has launched to support UK businesses that have been affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. This government-led British Business Bank loan scheme has been brought in to replace the recently closed CBILS. The Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS) can be used by businesses that want to take out finance for reasons such…

April 19, 2021
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[FREE WEBINAR ] Deal Clinic: The 9 Lives of a Property Development

Every property development deserves to be a success, which is why we’ve created this webinar. Property development is no easy task, so it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of responsibilities it holds. In this session, we will be discussing a project that encountered many challenges, yet was still able to provide homes for…

April 16, 2021
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The rise of energy efficient mortgages, are you green enough?

Finance providers are beginning to offer improved loan terms for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly buildings, otherwise known as energy-efficient mortgages. An increasing number of financial lenders providing energy-efficient mortgages. For example, Lloyds Bank’s Clean Growth Financing Initiative provides discounted lending for companies that use electric vehicles, wind turbines or solar panels.  Aviva Investors has announced…

April 15, 2021
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[Replay] Our first webinar – Deal Clinic: Contemporary Issues in Property Development

We were so happy with how many people turned up live to our webinar to learn about property development. Some of the things that Martyn and Adrian covered included: Impact of Coronavirus on the UK property debt market. Government support packages extended to residential property developer and investors. Coronavirus Business Intervention Loan Scheme (“CBILS”) now…

April 1, 2021
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A guide to securing development finance for your property

During our time at the brokerage, we have noticed how easily some clients receive development finance whilst others face various challenges. To stay ahead we’ve created a guide in best practices to ensure as a developer, you secure real estate finance as efficiently and effectively as possible.   The Essentials It’s important to get the…

March 25, 2021
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Why our business relationships improve our business

“Business relationships, unlike cash, are not a diminishing resource, they can only multiply. This is the main reason why they are so important to have and cultivate through time. They rely mostly on trust, loyalty, and communication.” – Anon At our recent Board meeting, the team gave an update on business performance for the first…

March 17, 2021
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What the 2021 Budget means for the property and finance sector

We have mixed feelings about the 2021 Budget, specifically the governments latest strategy for the property sector. On the one hand, we are delighted to see the Exchequer offer a new business loan scheme offering 80pc government-guaranteed loans between £5k and £10m. However, risk must be commensurate with rate and as such, we would expect…

March 4, 2021
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Just how flexible are your funders?

Does your capital stack include mezzanine funding?  Do you have investors with an IRR target return?  Would earlier repayment of higher cost finance improve your own profit return?  Do you need capital for your next project or for working capital? Experienced, confident and flexible development lenders will often allow funds to be released from sales…

December 3, 2020
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Warning: low barriers to entry ahead!

It goes without saying that, at times, the property finance brokerage market gets a bad name. Scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find an intermediary taking an inflated fee on a deal where it wasn’t merited or a lazy broker pushing a client to a lender and not providing the necessary support. It saddens us…

November 17, 2020
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